MBI 2018 - Invited Speakers


Josephine C. Adams

Title: Direct roles of thrombospondin-1 in fibrillar collagen organisation and homeostasis.


Mark Ahearne

Title: The influence of material stiffness on corneal cell behaviour


Georgre Bou-Gharios

Title: Targeted inhibition of aggrecanases prevents articular cartilage degradation and augments bone mass in the STR/Ort spontaneous model of osteoarthritis.


Thomas Iskratsch

Title: Investigating cardiomyocyte rigidity sensing with nanopillars and nano-pattern.


Cian O'Leary

Title: Engineering extracellular matrix analogues to model the epithelial Interface in 3D: prospects for developing novel in vitro models for drug discovery and delivery strategies.


Peter Owens

Title: Visualising the matrix , current methods and future trends.


Florence Ruggiero

Title: Unconventional collagens in developing neuromuscular system: lessons from zebrafish.


Damien Thompson

Title: Predictive modelling of biomolecule properties: seeding protein layers, delivering genes, and engineering piezoelectric films.