Abstract Submission


***Late-Breaking Abstract Submission is Open!***

We have reserved several slots in Oral presentations (Thesis 3 in 1 and Proffered papers) for high-quality research. I encourage to use this opportunity!

The deadline for the late-breaking abstract submission is November 10th.


Abstracts are invited for submission to MBI 2019 under the following categories:

  • Breakout session (First year PhD postgraduates only; Thesis-in-Three format)
  • Oral presentation
  • Poster presentation

A one-page abstract should be completed using the supplied template below- please note the abstract guidelines embedded in the template text.

Abstracts should be sent to meeting@mbi.ie with an indication of preference for oral or poster presentation, and current academic stage (1st year PhD, PhD student, postdoctoral, etc.).

Label the file name in the format  "2019_MBI_John Smith”, including the first author’s name.

All queries related to abstract submission can be sent to the same email address.

***NOTE: All accepted abstracts will be made available on the MBI website and so it is the responsibility of the author(s) to maintain confidentiality and intellectual property protection, as appropriate.***

Abstract Timelines


Abstract submission open:

Abstract submission close:

Late-breaking abstract close:

July 1st 2019

September 28th 2019 @ midnight

November 10th 2019