MBI 2018 - Provisional Programme


Wednesday, the 21st of November 2018

14.00 to 15.30 – Session 1

Thomas Iskratsch – 30 minutes, including Q&A

Investigating cardiomyocyte rigidity sensing with nanopillars and nano-pattern

Anup Poudel – 15 minutes, including Q&A

Piezoelectric Polymers/Composites for Cardiac Tissue Engineering Applications

Paulo Contessotto – 15 minutes, including Q&A

Post-ischemic myocardial remodeling and its modulation by an elastin-like recombinamers-based hydrogel

Nuno Netto – 15 minutes, including Q&A

Discerning the effect of substrate directed differentiation on mesenchymal stromal cell metabolic activity using FLIM

Ignacio Sallent – 15 minutes, including Q&A

The synergistic effect of topography and substrate rigidity in the development of a collagen scaffold for tendon tissue engineering

15.30 to 16.00 – Coffee Break

16.00 to 17.30 – Session 2

Peter Owens – 30 minutes, including Q&A

Visualising the matrix: Current methods and future trends

Yves Bayon – 30 minutes, including Q&A

Basic structural and compositional computerized analysis of the periodontal soft tissues

Nandan Das – 15 minutes, including Q&A

Spectral polarimetric method to diagnosis and explore micro-structural anisotropy in biological tissue matrix

Diana Gaspar – 15 minutes, including Q&A

Macromolecular crowding and serum-free culture for stem cell phenotype maintenance

19.00 to 22.00 – Welcome Reception at The Meyrick Hotel

Thursday, the 22nd of November 2018

09.00 to 10.30 – Session 3

George Bou-Gharios – 30 minutes, including Q&A

Targeted inhibition of aggrecanases prevents articular cartilage degradation and augments bone mass in the STR/Ort spontaneous model of osteoarthritis

Josephine C. Adams – 30 minutes, including Q&A

Direct roles of thrombospondin-1 in fibrillar collagen organisation and homeostasis

Stefanie Korntner – 15 minutes, including Q&A

Fabrication of extracellular matrix-rich chondrogenic constructs using different scaffold and scaffold-free systems

Kieran Joyce – 15 minutes, including Q&A

The glycomic profile of the intervertebral disc in health and degeneration for biomaterial functionalisation.

10.30 to 11.00 – Coffee Break

11.00 to 12.30 – Session 4

Florence Ruggiero – 30 minutes, including Q&A

Unconventional collagens in developing neuromuscular system: lessons from zebrafish

Cian O’Leary – 30 minutes, including Q&A

Engineering extracellular matrix analogues to model the epithelial Interface in 3D: prospects for developing novel in vitro models for drug discovery and delivery strategies

Ana L Rebelo – 15 minutes, including Q&A

Carbohydrate-functionalised collagen hydrogels for cell delivery in a neural environment

Elaine M. Waters – 15 minutes, including Q&A

Purified plant and bacterial polysaccharide to prevent biofilm formation on implanted medical devices

12.30 to 14.00 – Lunch Break

14.00 to 15.30 – Session 5

Damien Thompson – 30 minutes, including Q&A

Predictive modelling of biomolecule properties: Seeding protein layers, delivering genes, and engineering piezoelectric films

Mark Ahearne – 30 minutes, including Q&A

The influence of material stiffness on corneal cell behaviour

Sirsendu Bhowmick – 15 minutes, including Q&A

Bioinspired artificial extracellular matrix scaffold stimulates epithelial differentiation of hMCSs while cultivating in keratinocytes’ proximity

Alan Hibbitts – 15 minutes, including Q&A

A modified hyaluronic acid-based hydrogel to deliver anti-fibrotic particles to enhance trabeculectomy recovery in glaucoma patients

15.30 to 16.00 – Coffee Break

16.00 to 17.30 – Session 6

Thomas Frawley – 15 minutes, including Q&A

Investigating EGFR mediated biological activity of neuroblastoma derived exosomes on the neuroblastoma tumour microenvironment. 

Merari Tumin Chevalier – 15 minutes, including Q&A

Desmopressin loaded biopolymeric nanoparticles: In vitro an in vivo evaluation in a model of highly aggressive cancer

Ronaldo Amaral – 15 minutes, including Q&A

Incorporation of platelet-rich plasma into collagen-glycosaminoglycan scaffolds for wound repair

Alexandre Trotier – 15 minutes, including Q&A

Mechanically induced neuroinflammation using parallel flow shear stress to reproduce gliosis in-vitro

John Nolan – 15 minutes, including Q&A

A comparative study of exosomal miRNA from 3D in vitro and in vivo neuroblastoma models

Joao Quintas Coentro – 15 minutes, including Q&A

Simulating and modulating skin fibrosis in vitro: Multi-compartment collagen devices as dual drug delivery vehicles

19.00 to 22.00 – Get Together at The Tribeton