MBI 2017 - Programme


Invited speaker's talk titles (alphabetical order)

George Bou-Gharios "Characterisation of matrix gene enhancers to target connective tissue diseases"

John Baugh "TBC"

John Robert Couchman "Syndecan receptors: gatekeepers of the cell adhesion phenotype"

Garry Duffy "Advanced materials for cardiac regeneration"

Adam Engler  "Improving cardiovascular 'Diseases-in-a-dish' with engineered niches"

Karen English "Mesenchymal stromal cell therapy in chronic inflammatory lung diseases"

Peter Friedl "Plasticity of cancer cell invasion in vivo: Adhesion and tissue guidance"

Caitriona Lally "Non-destructive characterisation of arterial structure using high-resolution diffusion MRI"

Tanya Levingstone

"Directed osteogenesis and chondrogenesis in a multi-layered osteochondral scaffold  "

Charles D. Little "ECM motion during early amniote embryogenesis- how much do embryonic cells really move?"

Aideen Ryan "Induced immunomodulatory functions of stromal cells in the inflammatory tumour microenvironment"

Liliana Schaefer "Proteoglycan neofunctions:Regulation of inflammation and beyond"

Charles Streuli "How cell-matrix interactions control circadian clocks in the breast"