MBI 2017 - Abstract Submission

Abstracts should be submitted according to the guidelines given below using the abstract submission template, and emailed to meeting@mbi.ie.

Abstract Guidelines


Abstracts must not exceed one page.
File size is limited to 3 Megabytes. Reduce the size of images, graphs etc. if your file size exceeds this limit.
Abstracts must be one page in the form of MS Word .doc or .docx; formatted to A4 (21cm x 29.7cm) with the following margin settings:

Top & Bottom: 1.9 cm
Left & Right: 1.9 cm
Column Width: 7.98 cm
Between Columns: 1.25 cm
Font: Calibri, 10 point, single spaced
Abstract body alignment is justified.
Abstract body format is two-column.
References must be numbered.


The abstract heading spans both columns and must contain the abstract title, the names (first name and last names) and affiliations of all authors, and email address of the designated presenting author.


The title should be in upper and lower case, bold and centred on the page. Please do not put a full stop at the end of your title.
Include one line space between the title and the name(s) of the author(s).

Authors & Affiliations

First name and last names (surname) of the Author(s) should be given (e.g. John Smith).
No title such as Prof. Dr. PhD or MD should be used.
Author names are centred and identified with number superscripts to correspond to author affiliations. Please see template for clarification.
Underline the designated presenting author’s name.
Author affiliations are centred and identified with number superscripts to correspond to the respective author name. Please see template for clarification.
Include the designated presenting author’s email address.
Include one line space between author name(s) and affiliation(s).


The abstract body is in two-column format and should be organized in the following order:

  • ACKNOWLEDGMENT (optional but recommended)

Please leave one line between paragraphs.

Photographs / graphics should be used when necessary to substantiate results.

Please do not change the margins. Abstract information shall not appear on or outside the margins.

The format of the abstract is illustrated in the sample abstract; the template is designed for the preparation of your abstract. The SAMPLE text is for demonstration purposes only. Replace the sample title, author listing, author affiliations, designated presenting author’s email address, and abstract text in the sample abstract with your abstract title, author listing, author affiliations, email address and text.